Is Coffee bad for you??

Is coffee bad for you?

I often hear people talk about coffee as if it is a bad thing. People cut it out of their diets for different reasons.  Places like Starbucks have given coffee a bad rap. Unfortunately it is because of the sugar filled frappachinos and artificial syrups that have helped with coffee’s bad reputation.  If that’s how you are drinking your coffee, then yes, it is bad. But what people do not realize is that coffee itself actually has nutritional value and a host of other benefits.  For me coffee is my preworkout drink of choice. The supplement industry is huge. People spend loads of money purchasing energy drinks and powders that contain stimulants and a host of other artificial chemicals in it. Coffee can give you the same effect without all of the artificial ingredients.

Here are a few benefits of coffee that you may not be aware of.

  1. 1.  Coffee helps burn fat!  When consumed before a workout, coffee helps convert fat cells into energy.  Also coffee has naturally occurring caffeine that helps boost your metabolism.
  2. 2.   Improves focus.  Coffee can help improve your focus. This can help you throughout your work day and with studying.
  3. 3.   Enhances your workouts.  Coffee is proven to help you push harder through your workouts.  Consuming it before exercise can help you get a more intense workout.
  4. 4.   Aids with muscle pain. Research has proven that coffee decreases muscle pain during workout. Therefore it allows you to push harder and longer with less lactic acid build up in your muscles.
  5. 5.   Prevents disease.  Coffee has a ton of antioxidants in it.  It has been proven to reduce the risk of such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Like I said, I love coffee and drink it up to twice a day.  It gets me up and ready to teach my 5:30 am classes.  I definitely recommend making it yourself.  Its cheaper that way.  Going to starbucks day in and day out can drain your wallet easily.

Here is my personal recipe for coffee.  I use a high quality Itallian coffee called Lavazza. It’s the number one coffee in Italy.  After my first trip to Italy, I never went to Starbucks again!  I make it in  Moka coffee maker.  I add one teaspoon of organic hazelnut butter.  This gives it flavor, a bit of sweetness and protein from the hazelnuts.  I add 2 dashes of cayenne pepper. This stimulates the metabolism and also provides more antioxidants.  Instead of creamer, I add a splash of muscle milk protein.  There you have it! The perfect pre workout drink.

Now if you have a sensitivity to caffeine, I definitely do not recommend it.  Also, coffee can dehydrate you.  So drink plenty of water with it.    20131003_144639[1]

Can you build muscle with Kettlebells?

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Recently I watched a video post of a gentleman addressing the question, “Can you build muscle with kettlebells?” I don’t remember what his name was. But I believe he was a crossfit guy and he was in great shape.  His answer to the question was no. You cannot build muscle with kettlebells.  He demonstrated a few kettlebell movements. I believe he did some swings and snatches.  His form was good.  So I can see someone properly trained him. But his answer was based on those 2 movements.  Unfortunately, those are the only movement’s people associate with kettlebells.  Swings, snatches, cleans and the occasional Turkish get up are the most prominent movements taught in the kettlebell industry.  So I can’t blame him for coming up with his conclusion.  People just have not put in the work to explore the true potential of what kettlebells are capable of.

I disagree with his conclusion 100%.  All of my strength and conditioning comes from kettlebell and bodyweight only.  I don’t use machines, chin up bars, barbells or dumbbells.  If you know how to use a kettlebell properly, they can take place of all of the aforementioned exercise devices.  But if all you do are swings and snatches, you will not get those results.  I will dive further into this subject in the future.  I just want to give a brief example of how I structure routines in my Kettle-Jitsu system.  In the enclosed video, we work our chest, shoulders and triceps with crossover pushups. If anyone has ever used this exercise, you will know it awesome for building power and definition in your pecs.  We do 2 hand cleans that work your legs, glutes, biceps and shoulders.  Rows work your back, lats, core and arms.  In this video we are using what I call Thai knee swings. In this variation, as we swing upward, we drive one knee up. This is a fantastic overall body exercise that emphasizes core.  Thai knee combos are done prior to the kb workout. This dynamic bodyweight combo works almost every muscle in your body.

So keep in mind, you can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously with kettlebells.  It’s all about how you put it together. If all you are doing are the standard swings and snatches over and over. It will be difficult to get significant results.  To learn how to build muscle and burn fat w kettlebells take advantage of the new KB strength and conditioning presale!