What is the KB Strength and conditioning program?

KB Strength and Conditioning, 2 Month Intensive Kettlebell, Body Weight and Nutrition Program
The KB Strength and conditioning program is something I have been working on for some time now. While training my group classes at Legacy Burbank, I have experimented with different protocols and the combination of specific kettlebell and body weight exercises that would optimize fat loss and muscle gains. Ask yourself, which exercises do elite athletes, crossfitters and MMA fighters use to gain strength, power and muscle? Cleans, dead lifts, overhead snatches, rows, presses, and burpees are staples of their routines. These exercises are usually performed with barbells though. But guess what? You can do all of these exercises just as effectively, but a lot safer and add more variety with kettlebells. Safer because barbells put you at an awkward mechanical disadvantage. Kettlebells allow for a lot more natural and fluid movement. One of the focal points of this program is emphasis on the dead snatch. This is always been my snatch variation of choice. More so than the traditional snatch using the hip hinge. Why, the dead snatch works a lot more muscles at once. It hits almost all major muscle groups in one explosive movement. In this program I cover 4 different snatch variations and combine them with other exercises to give you a full body workout. These type of metabolic workouts are key to rapid fat loss.
Double kettlebell training is the equivalent of barbell training. But as I said earlier, double kb feels a lot more natural. Therefor making it more safe. Double kb is essential for building muscle, power and strength.
Burpees are a staple of fitness classes every where for a reason. They are an awesome full body, fat burning exercises that can be done anywhere. Only problem is, people get bored doing the same burpee variation over and over. So I have included various different burpee variations in this program. This is called muscle confusion.
I admit, the nutrition aspect of this has been the most difficult. If any of you follow me on the various different social media, you would know I am a big foodie! Its so easy to get caught up into that routine of eating out all the time. Especially in L.A. But I was determined! In the KB strength program, I take an eclectic approach to the diet. I utilize various different dieting strategies and principles to burn fat at a rapid pace.
I put myself through this entire program myself! The results were amazing! I went from 170lbs, to 150lbs in 2 months! I went from a size 34 inch waist, to a 32.14037746_10210212512418788_480519358_o Ive also made noticeable gains in my upper body and arms. At 45 years old I have never been in better shape!14074524_10210287634656797_590989060_o16121410_10211785640065996_459477003_o I initially was going to film my body weight 4 BJJ program, but since ive been posting my progress with this program, im getting messaged like crazy asking what ive been doing! So, I started production on this program and it is now available to download in its entirety! . For a limited time the KB strength and conditioning program is only $27.00! Here is a check list of what you will receive when you purchase the program.
-Body weight warm up
-ab pyramid training
-body weight interval training(HIIT)
-Compound body weight training
-Kettlebell Interval training (KIT)
-Kettlebell circuits using my new patented Anaerobic Pyramid Conditioning (APC) method
-the 15 guidelines of rapid fat loss
-Beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite workout calendars
-PDF of all the workouts with complete graphics
-Professionally edited follow along video of all the workouts

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Best Kettlebell Snatch Exercise for BJJ

the dead snatchGet the KB Strength and Conditioning program for only $27 for a limited time! Burn fat and build muscle using only kettlebell and body weight Click here to get your results now! KB Strength and Conditioning special price!

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If you have followed my previous articles, maybe you remember the article, “ The biggest problems in the Kettlebell industry.” One of the problems was over emphasis on the snatch. The traditional kettlebell snatch using hips in particular. Some kettlebell organizations base their whole certification on this exercise. Now if you are into sport kettlebell training, that’s the route you have to go. But if you are into kettlebell training for fitness and appearance purposes, the dead snatch variation should be added to your workouts. With the dead snatch, its one explosive movement from the ground all the way to the overhead lock out position. Its an explosive, full body movement that involves all of your major muscle groups. The dead snatch would be the equivalent of crossfitters doing their barbell overhead snatches. Only with kettlebells you have single and double bell variations. I love this because I teach the one handed dead snatch first. Its easier and a lot safer for your clients. Once they are comfortable with the one handed dead snatch, you can move up to double and other advanced variations with a low risk of injury. I also feel double dead snatches are a lot safer then barbell snatches. The barbell variation puts you at a mechanical disadvantage and can be very awkward. The double kb variation feels a lot more natural. There is a reason why Crossfitters use the snatch. It builds muscle, power and helps burn fat.
The reason I feel the dead snatch is better for BJJ is because it is such and explosive, anaerobic movement. In a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, there are intense bursts of explosive movements followed by lulls in activity. Also, like BJJ, the dead snatch involves multiple muscles at once. Any one who has ever trained Jiu Jitsu knows the feeling of your entire body being taxed after a training session.
I’ve been on my new KB Strength and Conditioning intensive 2-month program. I’ve lost 15 pounds and have gotten stronger in the process. This new program contains a whole snatch progression. Where I utilize different snatch variations in combination with specific kettlebell exercise to maximize fat loss and muscle building.
Check out my various different social media to watch my progress. Check out the enclosed video. It contains different snatch variations and me using them live with my students! Look out for the presale of my KB Strength and conditioning program coming soon!!!