7 Reasons to get Certified

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7 Reasons why you should get Certified!
With my Kettle-Jitsu Coach Certification coming up, people are asking numerous questions about it. So why would it be in your best interest to attend and invest in this event. Here are seven reasons why.
1. To attain a greater knowledge of kettlebell and body weight training. For fitness trainers looking to add more tools to your arsenal, Kettlebell and body weight are a must! These 2 training tools are becoming extremely popular! Don’t be left behind!
2. Fitness challenge! Since this is a grueling 2-day event with approximately 16 hours of KB, it is a test of will! Some people look to events like the spartan race or tough mudder. This would be an equivalent.
3. To attain rank. This is a level 1 certification. I look at it as an equivalent of attaining rank in a Brazilian Jiu JItsu or any other martial art. The level 1 cert in Kettle-Jitsu is like earning a blue belt in BJJ.
4. Make fitness your profession. If you have a passion for fitness, sometimes it leads to you wanting to make a living from teaching it. The Kettle-Jitsu Coach cert is a comprehensive fitness course that is geared to prepare you for teaching group classes and one on one sessions. Instead of focusing only on the exercises themselves, The KJC course focuses on proven protocols, routines and exercises so that you may instantly implement them into your training arsenal.
5. Learn to teach boot camps! Teaching large group classes is no easy task! There is a method to the madness. Before teaching a boot camp, one must have a solid foundation in some sort of fitness program. The KJC course prepares you for this and goes even deeper!
6. To add appeal to your gym. Maybe you own a BJJ or MMA gym. If you only offer one discipline at your gym, you are selling yourself short! Adding a fitness boot camp to your BJJ/MMA gym will attract a whole different demographic. Adding more classes equals more $$$! Maybe you own a CrossFit or fitness gym. The same principle applies. Before you invest your hard-earned money. Most of the people administering kettlebell certifications do not own gyms or teach boot camps regularly. So basically, they teach from theory only. If you follow Kettlejitsu on social media, you will see many videos of large group classes. In this course, Joey teaches from 10 years of teaching KB on a regular every day basis.
7. Invest in your health! Taking this course will not only give you a better understanding of kettlebell and body weight training, but It also teaches you to be healthier in general. This course also teaches mobility to prepare your body for workouts and promote healthier joints. Remember, exercise is an easy way to prevent the risk of diseases. The Kettle-Jitsu Coach Cert is geared towards longevity.