Five Grappling Super League VS. Metamoris

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five vs metamoris

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and No Gi grappling tournaments are now more popular than ever. A lot of different organizations are stepping up and offering cash prizes to its participants. Organizations like Copa Podio, Five super league and Metamoris are moving in the right direction and paying BJJ athletes who make the podium. This is a huge step forward in the world of grappling! But, with each different organization, there is a different set of rules. Which tournament rules are better? I definitely have my opinions on this matter. I was recently invited to the Five Grappling Super League inaugural event. I have to say I really enjoyed the time limits and points given in the tournament. I feel it made for more exciting fights and the competitors fought a feverish pace.  I also enjoyed the match ups. All participants were renowned grapplers in their own right.

Metamoris has a much different rule set. It’s a long drawn out 20 minute round. If there is no submission, the match ends in a draw. They also throw in some MMA fighters to fights world class Jiu Jitsu combatants to fight one another. These match ups in my opinion are usually one sided. Matches like Andre Galvao Vs. Chael Sonnen seem pointless to me. Its obvious who would win that. I would much rather see Galvao against a world class grappler. Also the fact that the majority of the matches in Metamoris end in a draw leaves people unsatisfied. If paying good money to watch some fights, I would like to see a decisive winner in the matches. If we want to continue to see BJJ athletes get paid, then we need to win over more spectators. I don’t think this will happen with the rules in Metamoris. In most combat sports, there is always a decisive victor. I believe the shorter rounds made the fighters work harder. Case in point, McKenzie Dern came out on fire! She went through all of her opponents like a knife through butter, submitting them all!

In summary, I understand the concept of Metamoris, but I feel it is geared towards more grappling purists. Five Grappling Super League on the other hand had shorter rounds, more exciting fights, decisive victors and equal pay for men and women! I believe Five is a huge step in the right direction! Oss!


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