Improve your arm bars with these drills!

Back when I was a white belt training at the Machado Jiu Jitsu academy in pasadena, Rigan Machado walked in to teach. He smiled at us and said, “you guys are going to be drunk from all of the arm bars drills that we are going to do today.” lol He wasnt lying either!  We drilled them over and over until my abs and inner thighs were burning,  Rigan emphasized the importance of making them second nature and drilling them like i show in this video.  These drill are ingrained in me now. I finished a lot of my mma fights and bjj fights by arm bar.  I honestly believe these drills were a key factor.

In this video, i show the drills with a partner and a couple of bodyweight drills.  Mastering these bodyweight drills in conjuction with the partner drills will make you an armbar beast!  There are a lot of bodyweight exercises you can do to help with your mma and bjj game.  You can find a virtual encyclopedia of mma/bjj bodyweight exercises and workouts on my dvds available at  yhst-134507501546360_2262_4493369

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