International Certification Courses

Austin Texas I am coming!  4 hour intensive workshop at Rise Kickbox! Early bird price is only $99!!! This event will sell out! Upon registration you will get a link to download a free PDF and some videos! See you in Texas!  In this course I will be covering, mobility, ground mobility, abdominal training, warm ups, body weight basics and flows, kettebell fundmentals, KB flows, pyramids and circuits!

Click here for Austin Workshop

Kettle-Jitsu Coach Certification of 2019 is set! Date: July 6 and 7!.  This cert will be held at Legacy los Angeles.  330 north Victory, Burbank, CA

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download all of the material needed to successfully complete the course.  The cert package contains mp3 videos taken from the Kettle-Jitsu Revolution download and KB strength download. Also included are training manuals.

Material covered is as follows:


-mobility flows

-body weight training fundamentals

-body weight flows

-kettlebell fundamentals

-intermediate level kettlebell exercises

-MMA/BJJ specific Kettlebell and body weight exercises

-Kettlebell flow fundamentals and theory

-Kettlebell pyramids

-protocols and workout structure

-Bootcamp training techniques and more!

Check out this video that contains some of the material that will be covered at this certification!

Cost: $599     Click here!

NO REFUNDS AFTER PURCHASE of CERT! If for whatever reason you cannot attend after registering, you payment can be applied to a future certification of your choice.

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