The Importance of Movement in MMA and BJJ Part 1: Body weight

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The Importance of Movement in MMA and BJJ
Part 1: Body weight
This past weekend was huge for Connor McGregor fans. The Irish pugilist became the undisputed feather weight champ and made it look effortless! Now, naturally people want to know more about Connor’s training methods. One of these is body weight movement. He uses animal movements, calisthenics and shadow boxing from different styles of martial arts to aid with his conditioning, agility, coordination and focus. This is one of the reasons why Connor always looks so relaxed in the cage. He has a deep mind and body connection. This is why he is such and effective fighter. When his mind tells his body to do something, it reacts instantly. That is how he is able to pin point his strikes with such great accuracy.
I cant stress how important it is to train in a body weight discipline that teaches body weight movement. Especially if you are a combat athlete. Being agile and coordinated comes in handy in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. On all of my dvds I have touched on movement with both kettlebell and bodyweight. My second dvd, Shadow-Jitsu, voted top 5 mma workouts in the world by, was entirely body weight.
One of the things I specialize in is teaching group classes. Most of the coaches I see teaching body weight movements are only capable of teaching one individual at a time. So how do you teach these type of movement drills in a class environment? You have to develop patterns or what I call flows. You can work endless amounts of patterns with a small amount of space. I touch on some patterns on my Shadow-Jitsu dvd. My third double dvd, Kettle-Jitsu Revolutions teaches the fundamentals of my body weight and kettlebell system. It establishes the foundation for which you can build up to more advanced body weight movement.
To sum things up, training body weight movement is something that every combat athlete should add to their training regime. Do not neglect it! Check out these 2 videos!


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