12 Kettlebell Flows for BJJ/MMA and Fitness

12 kb flows

I am constantly preaching about the versatility of the kettlebell and bodyweight training. I really feel you can express your personality through these two training devices more so than any other single fitness device.  Kettlebell flows are a part of that versatility.  Flows are 2 or more exercises combined together into one, seamless and continuous pattern. Kettlebell flows challenge your hand eye coordination, timing, rhythm, focus and conditioning, all at the same time. All of these attributes are necessary for martial artists. In Brazilian jiu jitsu we combine and chain techniques together. Also when training BJJ, you are working multiple muscles at once. This is why kettlebell flows are simillar to training BJJ.

Kettlebell training is so deeply rooted in tradition, practicioners rarely think outside of the box. I believe this limits the potential of your kettlebell training. I believe the kettlebell is an extension of your body. The design of the bell allows endless options for all types of movements.  In order to achieve total kettlebell mastery, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only a few movements. I use kettlebells  and bodyweight as my sole source of strength and conditioning. In this video I have 12 different kettlebell flow variations that I use with my self and the clients at my gym.  Students love them because they are challenging and different. They engage you unlike any other exercises you have ever done.  Some of these movements are traditional exercises combined into a flow.

I encourage you to explore the endless options the kettlebell can give you.  Inject your own personality into them and develop your own movements.  Remember, the movements in this video are not for the beginners. These should only be practiced by seasoned kettlebell practitioners. Enjoy  12 kb flows

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