Over Head Squat Tutorial. Plus bonus tips!

Over head squat flow tutorial
If you have followed me for a while, you should know that i am not a huge fan of lifting super heavy. Ill turn 47 next month so I am careful about injuring myself. In my experience, the 2 most commong ways people injure themselves is by not warming up properly and lifting too much weight. So, how do you increase the difficulty of an exercise without having to increase the weight too much? The answer is use a slightly different variation of the same exercise. Example. Say I am doing racked squats and i want a more advanced variation. I can substitute racked squats for overhead squats! This squat variation is more difficult because you are holding the bell in the over head lock out position as you do a squat. This challenges your focus, balance and it hits your core more than the traditional variation. You can also expect it to challenge your mobility as well.
So here are a few tips on the overhead squat. First of all, try it without kettlebell first. It can be an awkward move for some people. After you feel comfortable using just your body weight, ad a light kettlebell include a sneak peak of one of my kettlebell flows from my upcoming KB Flow program!
to get a feel for it. In the video for this article, I break down the overhead squat and give you a couple of other safety tips. I also include a  sample workout from my upcoming KB Flow program! Enjpoy!

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