Arm Drag Drill with a Double leg takedown

This is an arm drag I like to teach my students. I feel it should be drilled regularly with other basic takedowns like doubles and singles. Drilling it in the flow variation really helps drill this move into your muscle memory. That way it is second nature.  In the second part I add a “high double leg” take down. Its a slick entry to a double. It is particularly difficult to defend the double because you have dragged your partners arm and he needs that to stop the take down.  Enjoy and look out for more videos! Please dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel! Kettlejitsu collage!Joey Alvarado is Black belt under BJJ Legend Roger Machado

He is a a former mma and the winner of numerous Brazilian jiu jitu titles.  Joey is also the creator of Kettle-Jitsu, the first and original kettlebell and body weight system for combat athletes/fitness

Professor Joey now teaches at the Famed Gracie Barra Burbank owned by American Bjj/MMA legend and the first American 4th degree Gracie Barra Black belt Alberto Crane.



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