Best Kettlebell Snatch Exercise for BJJ

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If you have followed my previous articles, maybe you remember the article, “ The biggest problems in the Kettlebell industry.” One of the problems was over emphasis on the snatch. The traditional kettlebell snatch using hips in particular. Some kettlebell organizations base their whole certification on this exercise. Now if you are into sport kettlebell training, that’s the route you have to go. But if you are into kettlebell training for fitness and appearance purposes, the dead snatch variation should be added to your workouts. With the dead snatch, its one explosive movement from the ground all the way to the overhead lock out position. Its an explosive, full body movement that involves all of your major muscle groups. The dead snatch would be the equivalent of crossfitters doing their barbell overhead snatches. Only with kettlebells you have single and double bell variations. I love this because I teach the one handed dead snatch first. Its easier and a lot safer for your clients. Once they are comfortable with the one handed dead snatch, you can move up to double and other advanced variations with a low risk of injury. I also feel double dead snatches are a lot safer then barbell snatches. The barbell variation puts you at a mechanical disadvantage and can be very awkward. The double kb variation feels a lot more natural. There is a reason why Crossfitters use the snatch. It builds muscle, power and helps burn fat.
The reason I feel the dead snatch is better for BJJ is because it is such and explosive, anaerobic movement. In a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, there are intense bursts of explosive movements followed by lulls in activity. Also, like BJJ, the dead snatch involves multiple muscles at once. Any one who has ever trained Jiu Jitsu knows the feeling of your entire body being taxed after a training session.
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