Kettle-Jitsu and Crossfit: A Comparison

Kettle-Jitsu and Crossfit: a comparison
Since developing my system of training, I am constantly being asked questions related to fitness. I think the most common question I get is what I think about different fitness systems. Probably the most common one I am asked about is crossfit. First let me say, that I am not an authority on crossfit what so ever. I do have friends who train in it. I also have students that previously trained it as well. I know from what ive seen on videos and the dozens of crossfit people I have on my page. I also know it is a highly controversial subject in the fitness community right now.
People come into my gym all the time and ask if we offer crossfit. I tell them no, but kettle-jitsu is comparable to it. To put it quite simply, I think crossfit is a form of circuit training. They use various different training tools in different stations and get great results doing it. It’s also a sport. Kettle-jitsu is also a form of circuit training. But, we use the kettlebell and bodyweight for our circuits. So instead of choosing to look at crossfit as a totally different style of training, I see more similarities.
Crossfit uses a lot of Olympic style lifts like snatches, cleans and overhead squats. Kettle-jitsu does the same, only with a kettlebell. I think this is where my system adds a bit more variety and safety to training, When I teach these movements, I start my students off with a single kettlebell. I also insist they use a weight comfortable for them. By using a single kettlebell, it allows for more natural movements which make the bell allot easier to control. This makes training a lot safer.
Crossfit also has their WODs or workout of the day. This is one area which I’ve seen them criticized for. The more schooled fitness experts feel that this method is too sporadic. But I see crossfit people getting great results. So what’s the problem with it? Kettle-Jitsu uses workouts of the week. Some of my movements require a little more coordination. By using the same routine for the entire week, we get to practice the movements in our circuit and master them through repetition. This also gives my students the opportunity to gradually increase the weight as they feel comfortable with the exercises.
Crossfit also uses bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squats and lunges. Kettle-Jitsu offers a plethora of bodyweight exercises. We have different burpee variations, bodyweight flows and a lot of mma influenced bodyweight exercises. I think variety is key in retaining clients. Most people do not like to exercise because its boring for them. Doing the same monotonous exercises will not keep your clients interest. So I feel both kettle-Jitsu and crossfit are good at mixing it up.
So there you have it. I just touched on a few points that were off the top of my head. Like I said earlier, I see more similarities with Kettle-Jitsu and crossfit than differences. Both systems get results. Id love to hear more opinions!:)

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