Kettle-Jitsu Revolution: What is it? Who is it for?

Flamin kettle hook finalKettle-jitsu revolution: what is it and who is it for?
As many of you many know, I released my first dvd, “combat kettlebell systems’, on my mad methods productions several years ago. I introduce new, mma inspired kettlebell and bodyweight movements to the world. Exercises like snake move, combat swings, upa and the fighters figure 8 were some of the newly developed exercises featured on the dvd. The whole dvd has a strong mma influence due to all of the dynamic, sports specific exercises in the program. The dvd became a godsend for those stuck in the rut of doing the same monotonous kettlebell workouts over and over. At that point, my system was relatively new. It was develop in my first, tiny gym that I owned. I used the workouts in my classes to my students enjoyment. But at that time, my classes were allot smaller. Since then, we moved to a huge, 5000 square ft facility. My classes grew as well. Sometimes I would come to the gym ready to unleash a new workout on my students, then see that there were some rock bottom beginners trying the class out for the first time. The workout I had planned would definitely not be suited for them. It forced me to adapt! This is how the new Kettle-Jitsu revolution program was born!
I had to think fast! How do I create a workout easy enough for beginner, yet challenging enough to push my advanced students??? Well I figured it out! The new kettle-jitsu revolution program is a combination of joint mobility, body weight training and kettlebell training that anyone can do! The new formula allows for an ever evolving repertoire of new movements and workouts. Once I unleashed this system at my gym, the word got out and my classes started getting more packed than ever. The shocking part is that over 70% of the clientele at my gym are women! Remember, you don’t have to be a fighter to train like one. The kettle-jitsu revolution is designed to get you in crazy shape fast! You will never be bored and it will continuously challenge you! Best of all, it is for everyone, and anyone looking fresh and different approach to fitness! Anyone of any level will be able to pop this dvd in and immediately start working out!

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