Kettle-Jitsu Revolution Workout DVD:An in depth look

As most of you already know, I have just announced the presale to my new double dvd Kettle-Jitsu Revolution.  I know everyone works hard for their money and people want to know what they are getting. So I received an email from a fan that wanted to know more about the dvd and its content. So here you go!:)  There are 8 different workouts. These workouts are the exact same ones in use at my gym SoCal MMA and fitness in Los Angeles. My classes are packed. This is what my system has involved into. I had to adapt my workouts to please any one from beginners to advance since that is what my classes are made up of. We constantly have new people trying our classes out, but we have our regulars as we’ll. so these workouts are easy enough for the beginner, yet challenging enough for an advanced person. Each workout is approximately 30-45 minutes long depending on how much rest you take. There is one joint mobility/body weight warm up. This runs about 15 minutes long. In all of the years I’ve been teaching, I found that the number one reason people get injured is from not warming up. This is why we do this prior to the Kb workout. Next we have our abdominal pyramid workouts. There are 8 different ones that contain different exercises in all of the workouts. Then we have body weight interval training. Next is our 3 one minute rounds of full body compound exercises ranging from your standard burpees, into my hybrid burpee variations and some body weight flows. After that we do our Kb interval training or what I call a break down. What this is, is a break down of each movement before we get into our Kb circuit. This gives you a chance to drill each movement and get a feel for it before we go into our Kb circuits. Last will b our 3, 2 minute full body Kb circuits. These circuits hit your whole body. Not just your core like most generic Kb workouts. Our 8th workout is the same format as above but, it contains what I call a shadow Jitsu long combo. This is a 2 minute body weight flow that contains 2 different compound body weight exercises into one. The last Kb workout is all double kettlebell. 8 week workout program. So each workout is done 3 times during that week. On your off days you can do cardio or one of the workouts from my shadow Jitsu DVD. Or you can do some cardio like running, yoga, cycling etc…
It’s a double DVD and it comes with a 12 page DVD insert that contains all of the workouts. It’s all original music. I wrote and played the title song in the commercial called get your swing on. There are 3 different remixes of the song in the DVD. There is also original music by Dj Slugo, a very popular Dj out of Chicago. So there you have it! Oh! This is the same format and workout I use in my certifications all over the world. So,if you are planning to get certified in Kettle-Jitsu, than this dvd is the perfect study guide.  I know these workouts are effective because of the feed back and results I get from my students. I teach up to 100 people a week at my gym. I can have up to 30 people at once in my classes. This is the main difference between me and the strong first/rkc type Kb people. Most of these certified people don’t have gyms and don’t teach more than a few people at once. It’s because their style is so basic and they focus on a few select Kb exercises. They use Kb as a supplement to their training. I use Kb and body weight as my sole source of strength and conditioning. Ive competed 10 times this year in BJJ tournaments. I was ranked number 1 in the world in 2 different divisions for most of the year. So this dvd is excellent conditioning for BJJ athletes. I also use this same system for my mma fighters. Even though most of my youtube videos have plenty of women, house wives and every day people in them, i still have people asking me if it is just for Jiu Jitsu and MMA.  This DVD is for everyone!! The women in my dvd do not fight. They just attend my classes at my gym. Rosanna, Aka Xena, is a mother and a wife. As a matter of fact, women make up for %70 of the clients at my gym. Just regular women.

You can use this dvd to lose weight, build muscle and enhance your conditioning, Veronica, the women depicted in the before and after pictures in the commercial lost a whopping 60lbs! She did kettle-jits 3 Xs per week, cardio on her off days and kept a disciplined diet.  The Kj Rev program is also simple and easy to implement in any gym. It gives people what they want and it is proven to work! People want variety, not monotony! Remember, you dont have to be a fighter to train like one! Pre sale purchas Only 29.99! Limited time only! Orders ship in the new year! CDDVDCASE002-1 (1)

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