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Joey Alvarado
Creator of Kettle-Jitsu

Triple blackbelt Joey Alvarado was tires of the 7 same old kettlebell movements that everyone was teaching. After searching for a new way to use kettlebells with no luck, he decided he would create his own... Kettle-Jitsu!

The Kettle-jitsu is designed for both beginners and advanced lifters who are looking to get in the best shape of their life. For over 10 years now, Joey has been helped hundreds of students take their fitness and Jiujitsu skills to a new level! 

Joey is a former MMA and Brazilian Jiujitsu world champion. He still competes, trains and certifies trainers from around the world in Kettle-jitsu.
It's All About the Flow
Traditional Kettlebell movements require you to completely stop and reset before moving to the next exercise. Also, they only focus on certain body parts leaving major muscle groups out of the workout. 

Problem 1. When you leave major muscle groups out of your workout you are not maximizing the amount of calories you burn

Problem 2. When you are constantly stopping to switch exercises you are not maximizing the potential HIIT benefits of constant motion during work periods.

Problem 3. When you stick to traditional kettlebell workouts boredom sets in quickly and you are likely to stop before you have reached your goals.
Kettlebells are Designed to Perform Dynamic Workouts Continuously
Kettlebells are uniquely designed to allow the user to perform multiple exercises in a short period of time. When you use kettlebells in this way, the fat burning capabilities skyrocket and you can burn up to 5x more calories then your basic strength training routine.
The Kettlebell Flow Difference
  • Kettlebell exercises that can be performed 1 after another that allow you to maximize calories burned
  • Compound bodyweight movements to help you build strong, lean muscles
  •  Kettle-jitsu abdominal workouts to get a rock hard core 
Think of it Like Getting the Best of Weight Training and Cardio in a Single Workout
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