Sprawl exercise variations for BJJ and core strength!

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Over the years I have developed many variations of the sprawl. Keep in mind, I use a very basic sprawl adapted for regular clients that are not grapplers or mma fighters. Wrestlers have a more sports specific way of sprawling that is typically difficult to teach to an average client. So I use a more simpler variation.  The attached video contains some variations I use in my Kettle-Jitsu system.  We always start with a basic sprawl. This is basically just a burpee without the push up. Except, we use a wider base with our legs and drop our hips to the floor.

Variation 2 is the one handed sprawl.  Sometimes I refer to it as a cross face sprawl. This is related to the wrestling movement of the same name. The mechanics remain the same as a regular sprawl except you are using only one hand.  You will definitely feel the difference in your core with the one hand sprawl.   Variation 3 is the K-Town sprawl.  With this variation, you start off the same way as a regular sprawl, but instead of coming back up with both legs, you bring one leg up at a time.  By doing this, it changes the whole dynamic of the movement since you are now basically doing a lunging type movement.

Next we have the sprawl and roll.  Since I teach and fight in Brazilian jiu jitsu, this variation seemed logical for me. In BJJ we do a lot of rolling type movements. So the sprawl and roll is an excellent sports specific exercise to an addition to any combat athlete’s training.  Again you will feel it attack your core in a different way than the other sprawl variations.

Sometimes people have trouble with the regular sprawl and roll.  So it is always important to adapt exercises according to the level of the student. This is how I developed the rocking chair version.  So this is the variation I give to people who have a problem with the standard sprawl and roll.  But this is also an awesome variation for anyone to do. Once you feel comfortable with these variations, you can work up to full body exercises like the Deck Burpee.  This dynamic exercise contains the sprawl and roll movement combined with a push up and deck squat.  Deck burpees are an excellent full body conditioning exercise that also works your agility.

If you are interested in learning sprawls and their variations, check out my new Kettle-Jitsu Revolution kettlebell and bodyweight double dvd. The new dvd contains the sprawl featured in different workouts. On the dvd we use them with body weight and with kettlebell.  Try these variations for yourself and see how you like them!

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