The Rocking Chair: Its Origins and Applications

The rocking chair: it origins and applications
The rocking chair exercise was first taught to me by my jiu jitus coach, roger machado. At that time I thought it was a cool move. But I had no idea of this moves potential and versatility. After years of doing this movement, I started to notice all of its applications in jiu jitsu. The rocking chair can be found in dozens of bjj techniques. I honestly don’t think that most bjj practitioners realize they are doing it. So it made sense for me to drill it and master this movement. There are allot of bodyweight drill master roger engrained in me and my teammates. I believe its something that is missing in allot of gyms.
After being introduce to kettlebell training, I started to experiment with the fusion of kettlebell and bjj exercises. The rocking chair is the first exercise I worked on. This gave birth to the first hybrid kettlebell style, combat kettle-jitsu.
Three years later, this awesome exercise has taken on a life of its own. It is featured in many different forms throughout my system. In this clip for bjj video, im showing the bodyweight version, kettlebell variations, bodyweight flow combos and its application to Brazilian jiu jitsu.
The rocking chair exercise is also an excellent joint mobility exercise. It loosens up the hips and knees thoroughly. It also warms up your core before a hard grappling session. Try the movements in this video and see how they will improve your game!524710_10200692775351311_281795548_n


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